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Dave Blanchar, PMP, MSCS  408.421.7789


Senior Program/Project/Escalation Manager

Proven experience leading distributed national and global fast-paced development and delivery programs and projects

Operational Experience:

  • Escalation Management and Support: Multiple Technology experience managing high technology delivery and implementation escalations, creating customized support plans, customized reports, and planning multivendor support.
  • Program and Project Management: Extensive Experience leading complex programs to design, source, integrate, test, deliver, and support custom engineered high technology products.
  • Business Transformation: Top performer leading initiatives to design and implement internal, channel partner, and end customer related business transformations of IT Infrastructures, and technical professional and support services.
  • Complex Integration: Highly qualified project and program manager with experience designing and implementing integrated processes and systems for business solutions across multiple industry sectors.
  • Process Improvement: Adept at implementing process improvements and best practices to rapidly launch and complete projects and initiatives that meet all requirements for business objectives and mission-critical systems.
  • Rollout Acceleration: Experienced negotiator, team leader, liaison and subject-matter expert; exemplary leadership and customer relationship skills involving resources, innovation, change and risk management, and issue resolution.  
  • Speed: Proven experience managing costs, risk, quotes, delivery chains, services, complex product structures and in-service upgrades.
  • Compliance: Experienced with compliance to standards such as PMI, Telecommunications Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS), ISO 9000 standards, and organizational product, process and policy standards.

Core Competencies:

  • Technical escalation and support management
  • Development and Delivery Program and Project Management
  • Channel Business Development
  • Business transformation
  • Complex System and Process Integration
  • Change and Integration Management
  • Cross functional / organizational issue resolution
  • Scope and Resource Negotiation
  • Technical / Operational interdependencies
  • Process streamlining and cost reduction
  • Distributed team management and coordination
  • Project communications and shareholder visibility
  • Process and best practice development leadership


Career Path:

Conexo, Program/Project Leadership Practice Principal,  2014-Present

  • High Tech Delivery Project Management to enable and support delivery of professional services to implement IT infrastructure upgrades and equipment for new services.  Multiple Client companies included Cloud Services, Telecommunications, and Health Care Providers.  All were in-service additions/upgrades.
  • Manage sales, delivery, and implementation escalation resolution related to the projects.   

NetApp, Professional Services Project and Partner Development Manager, 2007-2014

  • Manage global delivery and support of fast-paced, in-service, multi-vendor technology upgrades, rollouts, and consolidations.
  • Coach and train new project managers and teams on best practices for collaborative delivery project management. 
  • Program management of corporate initiative in transforming and coaching multi-company partners in the technical delivery of new technology to end customers. 
  • Manage the analysis, planning, and implementation of new internal and multi-company business processes. 
  • Manage escalation resolution, remediation, and recurrence prevention of new technology delivery problems. 
  • Coach and train multi-company teams on in-service, multi-team delivery processes and execution.   

Conexo Inc.,             Program/Project Leadership Practice Principal, 2002 – 2006

  • Co-designer of Online Leadership Centers for extraordinary alignment and tracking of activities toward critical business goals.  Provide industry leadership for process and structure for complex projects, especially introducing new services or technology to business operations.
  • Focused on multiple-company collaborative structure that assumes matrix organizations and global stakeholders.
  • Applied proven best practices for compliance with industry standards and shareholder policy, including change control and risk management supported by end-to-end web-based communication.  

Hewlett Packard, Senior Project/Program Manager, 1984 – 2002

  • Global manager responsible for customer solution Program Management & Integration processes.
  • Designed and implemented customized integrated solutions of multiple vendor products that precisely met the end customer’s needs. 
  • We built NEBS Compliant systems for most of the telecom companies around the world; factory automation systems for most of the major automobile manufactures, Boeing Aircraft, NY Stock Exchange, and customized integrated systems for many other business sectors. 
  • Maintained tight business partnerships with Northern Telecom, AT&T, Bell Labs, Telcordia and Cisco. 
  • The integration and processes we created met regulatory requirements and low cost points as well as just in time logistics for both inbound and delivery supply chains of products and services.

Industry sectors included automotive, finance, telecommunications, hospitality, entertainment, airline, manufacturing, and government sectors. 

Companies included:  HP, General Motors, Ford, Boeing, NYSE, Atlas Wireline, GTE, MCI, NYNEX, Bell Canada, NTT, Telmex, Taiwan Telephone, Telefonica, Ericsson, Nortel, AT&T, Sprint, Telcordia, HP, Cisco,  Lucent, Clustra, Cyclone Technologies, Inprise, SUN, Northrup Grummann, Nuera, BellSouth, USWest, Qwest, and Alcatel.

Hewlett Packard,  Network Management lead, IEEE 802.3 Standard, 1983 – 1985

  • Hewlett Packard Company team lead for the network management portion of the IEEE 802.3 internet protocol standard.  Worked with the IEEE committees to design and develop the IEEE 802.3 protocol standard and prototype proof-of-concept implementations.
  • Our Draft global standard was used by every global computer and networking manufacturer when it was released in 1985. 
  • The standard we created is the foundation of the internet and is in use today. 

Companies included:  HP, DEC, Intel, Xerox, Bell Canada, Nortel, AT&T, Cisco, SUN and several other industry leading companies.